NYC Automated Employment Decision Tool (AEDT) Law

AEDT Use Notice

When you apply for a role at JetBlue, you may be asked to complete an assessment that utilizes AI- or statistically-based scoring. This applies to the roles listed below. Any candidate who requires a reasonable accommodation from AI- or statistically-based scoring should contact the WorkPlace Compliance Team at to request such an accommodation. Details of our accommodations process can be found here.

The links below present audit results for HireVue assessments used by JetBlue for specific roles. These audits were conducted by an independent third party on data aggregated from several companies (including JetBlue) that use HireVue assessments. JetBlue selects applicants from the top and middle tiers vs the bottom tier.

Airport Operations

Ground Operations


AEDT Data Retention Policy Notice

As part of our hiring process for certain roles, JetBlue collects information about job-relevant characteristics and competencies when you complete an assessment. This information may be collected via verbal and/or nonverbal responses (e.g., multiple choice responses, responses to game-based assessments). We will store this data for a minimum of 1 year to comply with legal regulations. If you would like to request additional information, please email