Support Center (Corporate)

Support Center (Corporate)

Support Center crewmembers are the people behind the scenes who support our frontline crewmembers in the day-to-day operation. From communications to finance, human resources and marketing – the folks in these roles are committed to helping our people and our business soar!

We have three Support Centers:

Long Island City Support Center (LSC) in New York City is where crewmembers work across many traditionally corporate business departments to support a successful business and operation.

Orlando Support Center (OSC) in Florida is a center of learning at JetBlue, and home of JetBlue University, our training facility where all new crewmembers go for orientation, and where frontline crewmembers train before stepping-in to their roles

Salt Lake City Support Center (SSC) in Utah supports our work-from-home Customer Support department.


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