Diversity & Inclusion at JetBlue

Here at JetBlue, diversity goes beyond ethnicity, race and geography. Integrity is one of our values, after all, and we celebrate all our differences, whether they relate to our backgrounds, ages and abilities, our approaches or our gender identities. Every day we live our mission to inspire humanity as a leader in inclusion. JetBlue is a proud, equal opportunity employer—not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because we think it’s more fun that way, too.

JetBlue Equals represents our diversity and inclusion efforts as an organization. We believe that the unique and shared identities, experiences, and thoughts of our Crewmembers, Customers, and communities are a tremendous asset that can help grow and strengthen our business.

Our Areas of Focus

Foster a diverse talent pipeline

Promote cultural competency

Cultivate inclusion partnerships

Crewmember Resource Groups

In 2019, JetBlue was named the #1 Best Employer for Diversity in transportation by Forbes magazine, and we’re pretty thrilled that there’s no shortage of ways for crewmembers to celebrate their individuality and get involved.

Our various Crewmember Resource Groups (CRGs) spearhead grassroots efforts across JetBlue to embrace and encourage different perspectives, thoughts, and ideas. CRGs are also a great way for crewmembers to get involved in professional development, recruitment and retention and supporting JetBlue’s business through strategic initiatives or community outreach programs. Any crewmember can participate in any or all of our six CRGs – or propose forming our next group!

Blue Aviasian 

Celebrates the history and heritage of Asians, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Blue Conexión 

Shares the Latino culture and language in the workplace and community


Explores the rich cultures of the African diaspora


Offers professional development and networking opportunities for LGBT crewmembers and allies

Vets in Blue

Provides a forum for crewmembers that honorably serve or have served in the Armed Forces

Women in Flight 

Provides members with networking and mentoring opportunities that inspire career and personal growth

Honoring our Heroes

Through our Vets in Blue program, not only do we honor our crewmembers, customers and community members that have served, but we’re also committed to hiring veterans and providing them the resources they need to grow in their careers. Keep an eye out for special networking and recruiting events throughout the year for our veterans.

Reaching Blue Heights

JetBlue is committed to hiring and growing a talent pipeline of individuals with disabilities to achieve a more inclusive workforce. In 2014, we launched a disability initiative called Reaching Blue Heights. This program encompasses all of our efforts to support and inspire individuals with disabilities in school and in the workforce. Through career fairs, mentoring opportunities and ongoing partnerships with disability service centers, we’re here to let those with disabilities know that the sky’s the limit!